History 201 American Conservatism

History 201-18 American Conservatism

Professor Jeff Roche

TT 9:30-10:50

Kauke 238

This course on the Craft of History has two goals: the first is to explore the history and the historiography of the modern conservative movement. Our readings and discussions will broadly cover the twentieth century, but will focus primarily on the 1950s and 1960s. The second goal is to introduce you to key research skills and techniques, especially when working with primary source material.


The assignments for this course are designed to work progressively toward a greater understanding of how scholars interpret, discuss, and construct the past. Toward that goal, you will find that we will do a great deal of reading and writing in this course. These assignments are designed to help you work towards a more critical and nuanced understanding of history. You will be expected to be active analysts and discussants of our sources.


much of the writing for the course will be designed around a greater understanding of the research and writing process. particularly as it pertains to analysis of sources, original argument, scholarship, revision, and style.