Resources and Policies

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides professional tutors who work with you to help clarify your thinking and improve the communication of your ideas.  They can help at all stages of writing, from planning to drafting to revision.  I encourage you all to take advantage of this wonderful, free resource for any of your writing assignments. Location: Andrews Library Level 1.
schedule an appointment online or by calling extension 2205.


The Learning Center

All necessary accommodations will be made for students in this course with learning disabilities. Please register with the Learning Center and let me know as soon as possible so we can discuss how to shape the class requirements to best fit your needs.  All discussions will remain confidential.


Woodle: I don’t use it



write in word

save to dropbox

read paper

print documents and keep a folder

make regular use of the writing center and my office hours


phones and ipads are not permitted in the classroom. laptops will be tolerated.


Recording Classroom Activities

No student may record or tape or photograph any classroom activity without my express written consent.  If a student believes that he/she is disabled and needs to record or tape classroom activities, he/she should contact the Office of the Secretary to request an appropriate accommodation.



You are expected to faithfully attend this class. After three absences (excused or not), I will subtract 1/3 a letter grade from your final grade for each absence over three. Moreover, you are further expected to be on time and not disrupt the class by getting up to go the bathroom in the middle of class.  Each time you are late or leave in the middle of class will be counted as 1/3 an absence.


Late Work

Penalties of a letter grade will accrue every 24 hours past the due date for 72 hours. At that time, the grade will automatically convert to an F.


Electronic Submissions

  • All work will be submitted as a pdf file

  • all work will be submitted to

  • all work must be saved by last name and assignment description – “roche response paper” one or “roche midterm”

  • Failure to attach your document or sending it in the wrong format etc. . . will be considered the 21st-century version of the “dog ate my homework”