Required Primary texts:

Schlafly, A Choice Not an Echo

Stormer, None Dare Call It Treason

Haley, A Texan Looks at Lyndon

Goldwater, Conscience of a Conservative

Goldwater, Why Not Victory

 Hoover, Masters of Deceit

Smoot, Our Invisible Government

Skousen, The Naked Communist

Welch, The Politician

Noebel, Communism, Hypnotism, and the Beatles


Required Secondary Texts:

Lichtman, White Protestant Nation

MacLean, Democracy in Chains

Perlstein, Before the storm

Robin, The Reactionary Mind


Additional Readings:

Farber and Roche, The Conservative Sixties, “Introduction”

Roche, “LBJ and the Conservative Movement”

schwarz, “The Recruiting of a communist”

Hargis, The Facts About Communism and Our Churches

FBI File, Letters about NCC

HOfstadter, Pseudo Conservatives

suall, The ultras

mcevoy, Goldwater Supporters